The 9th Cheongju International Craft Competition is seeking artists who will lead the discourse on the future of craft with fresh interpretations and challenging works able to encompass life's many varied genres. We look forward to the enthusiastic participation of artists ready to expand the horizon of craft.
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Hands +: coexistence &expansion
"Hands" could be a substitutive noun of "Crafts". The crosspoint of “+” means “coexistence” and the crossways of “+” means “expansion"
Eventually, Throughout the theme, "Hands +: Coexistence & Expansion", the 9Th Cheongju International Craft Competition would be
a platform which enlarges the concept of contemporary craft with fresh interpretations and challenging works.


Metalwork, ceramics, woodwork, textiles, glasswork, etc., as well as works that inventively and experimentally employ various natural
or artificial materials to create two- or three-dimensional works.

Entry fee


Size requirements

No more than 200cm x 200cm x 200cm

Screening & Submission

ㆍ1st Screening: Image Submission

- Period : June 21st, 2015 (00:00) ~ July 5th, 2015 (24:00) (15 Days)
Official time/ Korea standard time (GMT+9)
* Digital image quality and form: above 300dpi, JPEG image file of at least 2MB, maximum 10MB
- Announcement of Results : July 17th, 2015 on homepage
(successful applicants will also be notified individually)

ㆍ2nd Screening: Submission of artwork

- Period : <Domestic >August 13th to 16th, 2015 (four days)
<International> August 1st to 16th, 2015 (sixteen days)
- Where to submit : Cheongju International Craft Biennale Competition Reception Desk
314 Sangdang-ro Cheongwon-gu,Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, 363-170 Republic of Korea
Tel:+82 (0)70 7204 1932  Fax: +82 (0)43 277 2610  Email:
- Announcement of Results : August 25th, 2015 on homepage

Awards of the 8th Cheongju International Craft Competition in 2013